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Interested in a particular trip? Please use our Onbike fitness, skills and adventure rating guideline below.  This information will assist you in choosing the best mountain biking tour or expedition based on your level of fitness, skill and experience.

Please review this information to ensure that you are confident in executing the minimum requirements for the particular trip you are interested in.  If you are unsure or have any further questions, please give us a call or contact us.


You exercise 2 – 3 times per week for 40 minutes or more at a moderate aerobic intensity.  You are comfortable mountain biking for up to 3 hours per day; 2 – 3 consecutive days in a row; at a moderate pace; with 400m – 600m elevation gain.


You exercise 3 – 4 times per week for 60 min or more at a moderate to high intensity with short spurts of anaerobic threshold training. You are confident mountain biking 4 – 5 hours per day; for 4-6 consecutive days; maintaining a moderate pace; with periods of increased intensity.  You are not so intimidated by the climbs anymore and can manage 800 – 1200m elevation gain per day.


You exercise 4 – 5 times per week for 60min or more at moderate to high intensity. Your training is more focused to your chosen activity and includes anaerobic and strength training elements.  You can sustain periods of higher aerobic intensity and manage hike-a-bike sections. Capable of riding 6 + hours for consecutive days, you enjoy the climbs and can gain more than 1500m+ on your mountain bike per day.


You exercise more than 6 hours per week and can maintain long periods of aerobic and anaerobic activity and negotiate technical hike-a-bike sections. You can handle steep sustained climbs, gaining 2000m+ in elevation per day.  Capable of riding 6 + hours per day for consecutive days, you can handle an 8 hour day in the saddle if required.


You have been mountain biking for at least a year and mastered the basics of speed control, steering, appropriate gear selection and using both front and rear brake as required.  You prefer riding dirt roads as a mountain biker, are comfortable on jeep track and enjoy smooth and flowing single track.


You have been mountain biking for 2 years or more. Basic mountain bike skills like gear selection and braking requires little thought.  You are comfortable climbing and descending moderate steep single track and can negotiate minor obstacles like roots and loose rock.  Standing up out of your saddle feels comfortable and you are steering your bike more by leaning into turns.  You can lift your front wheel off the ground and shift body position over the bike with ease as required. You can ride features like berms and tight switchbacks at moderate pace.


You have been riding for 2 or more years.  You can lift your front and rear wheel of the ground in negotiating obstacles, both wheels at the same time while in motion.  Maintain good body position on the bike while climbing and descending steep single track comes natural and you have been enjoying small jumps and drops.  You can handle trails with moderate exposure, ride berms and switchbacks at faster pace and you are aware of your riding limits.


You have been mountain biking for 3 or more years and are comfortable riding technical single track and trails.  Basic bike skills, shifting body position over the bike comes natural.  You confidently ride jumps, drops, rock gardens and sections with exposure.  You can lean your bike into fast corners while maintaining traction and anticipate the trail in your riding style.


Riding trails and enjoying nature with everything that goes with it. Civilisation is no more than  1 – 2 hours away.  This is mountain biking lifestyle with a touch of the finer things in life.  Destinations with less exposure to the elements, you will not have to wait too long to get comfortable again. Comfortable travel options, hotels, guesthouses or glamping as accommodation options.


Venturing further out, leaving the hustle and bustle 3 – 5 hours behind.  We function a little more self-efficient as a group and a little deeper cultural immersion can be expected. Destinations with moderate exposure to the elements, requiring a little more preparation.  Camping, mountain huts and the little more remote B&B as accommodation.


Seeking out the pristine environments we leave the common amenities behind.  Higher level of cultural immersion experiences can be expected. More than 6 -8 hours from civilisation we start tapping into expedition travel elements in areas with moderate to high exposure to the elements.  More extreme weather conditions and environments requiring more specialised equipment.   Camping and mountain huts shelter us under the stars.


Exploring virgin trails more than 10 hours away for civilisation, we operate as a self-efficient expedition team.  Traveling in areas with high exposure potential, possible adverse weather conditions and elements of high altitude travel is possible. Sufficient personal equipment and preparation is important.  Terrain could be difficult to negotiate with multiple hike-a-bike sections while guides navigate terrain.