Mountain bike Mongolia whilst escaping into the vast steppe in the land of Genghis Khan.

To Mountain bike Mongolia is to experience it’s striking wilderness in a way that makes you one with it. Immersing you in it’s beauty, rather than observing it from a distance.

Mountain Bike Mongolia
Pristine nature of this scale is precious and rare on planet Earth. Mountain biking in Mongolia immerses you in the lifestyle of the nomadic people. A lifestyle which hasn’t changed for many hundreds of years.
The hand picked support crew has many years of multi stage endurance race back-up experience. They consists of professional guides, bike mechanics, drivers and cooks. The team makes use of equipment, suited to the wilderness conditions of Mongolia. The crafted itinerary leaves nothing left to do, but  enjoy the trails that lay waiting.
With a route of 408km to complete, riders gather in Ulaanbaatar. A short flight south to Dalanzadgad takes riders to the start of their adventure.  Heading north from the Gobi desert, the mountain bike Mongolia journey starts. Riders continue moving toward the Khangai mountains with daily rides of between 40 – 70 km. Riders end each day with moderate elevation gained on good route conditions.
Mongolia is a place where old meets new. From modern democratic cities to the historic nomadic lives on the rural steppe. Cascading mountains, spectacular countryside, clear lakes, abundant wildlife and livestock. This rugged wilderness makes Mongolia irresistible to the true adventure traveler.
Mountain bike Mongolia is happening on 13 -23 June this year.  We only have a few spots remaining and your name is on one!  Read more on our mountain bike Mongolia tour and adventure here.
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